Process Engineering

Safety critical components and systems lie at the heart of the Process Sector. Lomax has a proud history of supplying into the Process arena - principally the Nuclear and Petrochemical sectors.

In Petrochem, we work closely with designers of Safety Equipment, High-Pressure Pumps, Catalytic Pumps and Valves. An area of particular demand is our ability to produce machined parts and components for use in high-pressure systems - up to and beyond 150,00 PSI

The Nuclear sector is also well served by Lomax Couplers. Our ability to deliver parts to critical tolerances and with exceptionally high quality in terms of material specification or treatment is well known.
Process Engineering

Our Sectors

Our comprehensive facilities allow us to manufacture products and components for a wide range of applications across most industrial sectors. We work to the highest standards, meet the most demanding specifications an can work with most materials.

From tools, jigs and fixtures to small components and specialist product machining, we have the flexibility to undertake both one-off and large batch requirements.

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